Time for a few photos


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This past week I had a wonderful vacation in Door County, Wisconsin.  Sister Bay.  Lake life.  Nearly every morning I got up and took advantage of the perfect coffee spot.  A screen porch where I could listen to the waves and watch the birds.  It proved to be a productive space in time as well, and I dove into figuring out more about Photoshop.  My goal was to create a generic custom photograph or card that I could use to send to players through the mail.  That turned out to be more difficult than I thought.  In the process I ended up making customs for Logan Morrison and Eddie Rosario.

I don’t really have the right photograph for it yet.  The one I found works well enough but it’s lacking something still.  I added the MLB logo to it and for now I’ll use it – and will NOT sell it (or any signatures obtained on the photos) of course, since I am using the MLB logo.  This was more just for fun and experimentation.   Please feel free to use any of these custom designs for yourself – but just know the logos are copyrighted, of course.  Apologies, but I just had to use them and try it out.  Please contact me if you want a digital file of these.

Flash – Mike Trout

Mike Trout The Flash One image I’m really proud of though is Mike Trout.  These photos are all ones I took during the rain delayed Angels vs Twins game.  My boys and I almost got Mike Trout that day on a photo, but he didn’t stop where we were.  That really made me want to come up with something special on the off chance that we have another opportunity to try and get his signature.

As I worked on this I kept thinking about who he is as a player and one moniker keeps sticking in my head to describe him.  “Flash.”  Simply Flash.  Not “The Flash”, though that works, but takes too long to say.  It’s the title of this photograph because it works as a title, but just a tad too much for him.  One word can describe him, and to me that is Flash.  He’s so fast and quick and confident with everything he does.  He’ll be standing still one moment and then pure motion the next.  I hope this image reveals some of that.  That’s the goal for it.  So please enjoy the use of my photograph.  My next chance at getting Mike Trout to sign it might be next year when the Angels visit the Twins.  I’ll have an 8 x 10 of this ready for him.  If I do get lucky, it’ll be a piece my boys (ages 6 and 3) and I can enjoy for a long time.

I’ll be posting more photographs as I edit them.  And as always, unless otherwise stated, please feel free to use for your own graphing needs.  All photos and edits are mine.  Camera of choice is a Canon Rebel t4I and I am learning Photoshop CC 2018 for the edits.




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