The card that traveled 8,000 miles

CA1F7F81-377B-45EE-B1A3-9F44EC9DDC48.jpegStephen Vogt really came through with this one.  So this card traveled about 8,000 miles.  I sent it first to Ryon Healy, it came back to MN, then I sent it out again.  To be honest I thought it was long gone when Mr. Vogt got released and then picked up by the Brewers.  It didn’t.  Somehow he kept track of it through all that.  That’s what I’m most impressed with.  I know I would have lost it, even if I had good intentions.  I really want to know how he kept track of it for over 8,000 miles.


It arrived still in the top loader and a penny sleeve (which I don’t remember sending but maybe).  The card is in impeccable condition.  It could easily have gotten damaged in transit.  But it didn’t.  Through who knows what weather and how many different trucks and vehicles it survived.  I’m really impressed that Mr. Vogt kept track of it so long. Signed it, and sent it back to me.  It shows a lot of character in my opinion.  This is definitely a favorite card of mine now.

Thank you, Mr. Ryon Healy and Stephen Vogt for signing!


One thought on “The card that traveled 8,000 miles

  1. I have a card that I need to send out that will ultimately have two signatures on it. I sent it from Fort Worth to Houston for the first signature…now I need to send it across town for the second one. A much shorter journey than yours. Congrats!

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